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The A6700 Goes Back


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I wanted to lighten my camera bag, so I took a chance on the A6700. Specs looked fine, and it was much lighter than my current cam. And the lens selection was really good, as well. But...I'm a left-eyed glasses-wearing shooter, and that's where the problem was. I could not, for the life of me, get comfortable using the camera. Eye relief on the EVF was off, and I had to literally cram my eye against the camera to see the whole EVF. Just damned uncomfortable. And the diopter adjustment was amazingly stiff and impossible to use when looking through the viewfinder. Never could get it quite right. So I'll stick with my current cam and keep looking.

Which is a shame. It's a damned nice cam.

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I just recently bought a used a6000 and had the exact same difficulties that you describe, it is my first digital body. 

Then last night I was reading the instruction manual more carefully and discovered that using the EVF actually drains the battery faster than the LCD screen, which was a concern of mine ever since using a Fuji P&S where that was just the reverse.

So now the camera is quite pleasant to use with the screen comfortably in front of me and not cramming my eye anywhere!  I expect the only problem could be the sun over my shoulder, but I don't know yet.

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