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X-T5 Flash


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I'll update this thread as I experiment a bit, but I noticed something odd a little while ago and I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this.

I do a decent number of what you might call macro/product photos. Most are just sharing photos of things I collect, but sometimes to list on Ebay or other sites. I have a well-worked formula for this with my Norman strobes. Normally I use a Nikon DSLR(lately it's been my D810 but whatever I have at hand) and either a 55mm or 105mm Micro depending on exactly what I'm photographing. Since I tend to not move the lights/umbrellas that often or only in specific cases, I know the exposure and how to get a properly exposed photo. Basically it's set the camera to flash sync speed, set to base ISO, and set the aperture to give me proper exposure(usually f/16 to f/32 set on the lens depending on magnification, and will turn down the lights if I want to minimize diffraction or turn them up if I want more DOF).

I connect the strobes to whatever camera I'm using with(relatively) ancient at least by 2023 standards with Quantum 4/4i radio slaves. They work, are simple, and have never let me down so I'm not really looking to change them even if there may be "better" options out there.

I decided today to use my month-old X-T5. I've used this camera a decent bit-to the tune of about 3500 frames in various situations-since getting it and it has worked fine. I don't have a dedicated Fuji macro lens for it, so used my K&F Concepts F mount adapter. This is a "dumb" adapter, but does allow manual aperture control. Actually it even has click stops so you can sort of use G lenses with it, but I normally just use it to open the aperture for focusing and composition and the close for shooting. I've not used it a lot, but do know everything works fine with it provided I do my part.

In any case, I set everything up using an 55mm f/3.5 AI Micro, set it to f/16 as a starting point(I usually start here then use the histogram to nail exposure by trial and error-I'm not in a hurry most of the time with this), camera at ISO 125 and shutter speed dial at 250. I stuck a hotshoe mount Quantum transmitter in the shoe, tested the set up manual(flash fired with the test button on the transmitter) and proceeded to photograph. To be clear, I have used this exact set-up with these same components as recently as Sunday, only changing out the camera body for a D810. The camera would not fire the flash from the hot shoe.

I've experimented a bit more. I do not have a dedicated Fuji flash, but I put my SB-900 set to M in the hot shoe and it wouldn't fire. I plugged the Quantum trigger into the PC port and no luck. I plugged a Metz 76 MZ-5 into the PC port. Nothing.

I've tried switching over to the only native lens I have-the 16-80 f/4.

Also, in all of this, I've tried a variety of different shutter speeds, although nothing above 1/250. I realize the camera has no way of know that a flash is connected, but I've also never had a camera where the basic "dumb" flash connections like the PC port and the center/rail connections on the hot shoe didn't fire the flash.

Am I missing something here? Is there a setting to enable flash function buried somewhere in the menus? Or do I have an issue with my camera?

For reference, again, camera was bought new in box(16-80 kit) from B&H Photo with an order date of 5/15 and delivery date of 5/17.

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