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Instant photography with my Bronica ETRSi, any ideas?


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Hi all, I've been away from this forum for a long time. And yes, like most returning members, I'm after something.

I'm the type of person for whom having possibilities I cannot use is really stressful.

I've been a Bronica ETRSi user, (among many other marks) for fun, for many years. However, not having TTL flash had really started bugging me as I was getting older. So, I bought a Metz 45 CL4 + SCA386 a couple of years ago. And I've got to say, I'm loving it!

Now, to my purpose in being here today. 

I've been going through my gear room recently (yes, I have that much gear, and no it isn't my darkroom, that is another room) and stumbled upon an ETR etc. Polaroid Land back E. And yes, I know, impossible (pun intended) to get in-date film packs for it. However, in the recesses of my stash I found a Polaroid "The Button" (I have zero clue where it came from, I know I've never bought one) which takes 600 films which are available and in-date... And the gears between my ears started whirring. I'm going to sacrifice the pair and Frankenstein myself a The Button/Land back, back (does that make sense?). Then I'll have a motor driven instant back for my Bronica for which I can still buy film packs!

What I'm having trouble with is getting a used/wasted/unusable land pack for doing the necessary measuring etc. Working out focal distance to film, etc. With the "The Button" it's not an issue because I have a few packs in my fridge. What is a problem is how it relates to the land pack in the land back. I'm not prepaired to pay £30+ for a long out of date land pack, if I can even find one, just to take a few measurements.

So, any ideas on how to do what I need to do? Anyone have an empty/damaged land pack around I can borrow or buy on the cheap?

If you have read this far, many thanks.

If you can help, great!


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