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Which Infrared filter

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I'm about to use lifepixel to convert a Fuji X-M1 to infrared but don't quite understand the options. I'm after a pretty classic b&w image with glowy, snowy greens and dark blue skies rendering to dark grays to nearly black (Zones1-4?)

I might want to have the option of outputting a b&w image with blue skies, though.

Any help or experience will be helpful.

Thanks, Bob

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I've done a camera or two in the past, and the next one will have no filter. I'll just use a filter on the lens to get the effect I want. Going this route allows you to change the effect you want at will. Choosing a single filter, like the usual R72, locks you into a single effect, like B&W or Deep B&W.

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Obviously a converted camera is best, the various sites that do the work have an eye watering amount of info on their conversions. They're the best info source. I've used an R72 with some success on a Fuji X100F, with some tweaking in post of course, but generally my horizons are low.

Why do I say things...

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