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Help. Hasselblad not winding forward and lens won’t mount


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Hi. My Hasselblad jammed. I took the back off and attempted to release the jam with a tiny screwdriver (which I had done previously) but this time the crank would not move forward after pressing the shutter button. It’s stuck. The lens is also off and will no longer mount. I’m on the road shooting a project. Can anyone advise if there something I can try, or should it be sent for repair? 

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"releasing the jam" doesn't provide a clear explanation of what you had previously done.  If you are referring to using a screwdriver to wind the shutter release spring that would be one circumstance.  However if you used a screw driver to follow Youtube wisdom, allowing the shutter release spring to unwind one cycle, that is a different circumstance.  The latter procedure weakens the shutter release spring tension each time you do that maneuver.  The result is that after a couple of these "work around repairs" the body will fairly consistently jam until the spring is wound correctly (four full turns), which requires a rather complete disassembly to achieve.

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