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Nikon Wednesday 2022: #39

Matt Laur

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Note: In the interests of balancing performance and quality, the topic of image file size and dimensions as normally posted to this recurring thread is under discussion elsewhere in the Nikon forum (the topic is obvious when you look) - please check in there and comment if you have thoughts to share! That's the best place to talk about that particular topic. For now, consider keeping uploads no larger than 1600 pixels on the long side when it matters, and sticking with 1000 pixels when the image feels no pain at that resolution. On data size/compression, try to keep things under 1mb, shooting for 600kb when you can stop there. Note that this includes photos hosted off-site (at Flickr, Photobucket, your own site, etc). Are you new to this thread? The general guidelines for these Wednesday threads are right here:
. For now, we're sticking with 1, 2, or 3 images per week as you see fit.


My inner teenager was once again finding a way to let some Nikon image-capturing hardware intersect with some fun back-40-acres plinking with friends. While that would normally involve old cans or paper plates, this decades old vegetable steamer was irretrievably rattly and falling apart. It was the perfect sacrificial target. A Z6 was on a tripod rolling video at its highest frame rate and with a high shutter speed (normally not a very cinematic recipe!) and brought us these two frames.


The first shows how much energy is exchanged as a 12 gauge slug going roughly 1100 feet per second interacts with the steamer's thin steel. Some of the steel is instantly vaporized, as seen in that bright orange metallic glow, and you can actually see the spinning slug's progress across the entire frame as a whiteish lateral blur. The second frame (literally, the very next recorded frame 120 frames per second) shows the slug long gone, and some of the steamer's anatomy defying the 1/1000th shutter speed. Good wholesome fun. Going to try this again at four times the frame rate next time the opportunity comes up, but that will require a different camera body.


OK, enough Mythbusters-inspired shenanigans. Share some photos on this Nikon Wednesday! And if you're in Florida, please take care of yourself as Ian crashes through.





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