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RZ with P30+ on new Mac M1


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Unfortunately, Mac OS stopped supporting Firewire on Big Sur. Capture One 21 also stopped supporting Fire Wire. I believe the IQ2xx series and beyond have wireless capabilities.


Your best bet maybe to get a Mac with Catalina and a Sonnet Firewire card in one of their Thunderbolt chassis (that’s what Phase One recommended to me several years ago) or a computer that has Firewire built-in running whatever OS it had at the time.

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I assumed that you would use tethered shooting in Capture One for your combination P30+ and Mamiya RZ 67, it didn’t work since C1 can only control your digital back but not Mamiya shutter which is mechanically triggered, it can be only triggered by Mamiya camera body. I have the similar combination, RZ67 Pro II + IQ260, cannot work either. Maybe RZ67 Pro II D could, since the contact between camera body and digital back has electronic points.

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While this thread's resurrected; it's my experience that Firewire/IEEE 1394 hasn't worked properly on any 64bit OS produced in the last 10 years. Not PC nor Mac. 

Cheapest option is probably an old mini-PC running Windows XP. Or dual-booting into Win XP.... If your CPU hardware will run it and you can find a Firewire interface card that works. 

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