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Sunday musings, MFT edition: forego the standard zoom for a wide zoom plus a tele zoom

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I had a bit of an idea after seeing a question on another site: would a complete Olympus kit be better without the 12-40 (or 12-45)? Instead, you could have the 8-25 and one of the 40-150 Pro zooms. There is a gap, but it really isn't that big. So you're going from ultra wide to standard, then a little gap, then portrait to the threshold of super telephoto. And you have two lenses, not three.


For those moments where you cannot change lenses due to weather conditions, you might have in reserve a 12-100 to cover almost all possibilities with few compromises. You would not have to take this with you on most trips, either.


Panasonic users have a similar choice. Looking through the Panasonic catalogue, there is the 7-14 or the 8-18, plus either the 35-100, or the 50-200. The gaps are different, but you can make that call for yourself.


Of course, we are not taking into account speciality lenses like a macro or very long super telephoto.

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I always liked the Penny 12-35 for a "cover the bases" and filled in with the 20 for a really fast lens and then a Leica 35 and a 50, but for me I never really used a telephoto much back then. both 8-25 is a nice range if you like to go wider, and the other ones you mentioned are also a nice range. The Panasonic 12-35 is pricey, but it's a good lens.
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