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Super Ikonta 531/16


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Hi All,

I just purchased a used Super Ikonta 531/16. The camera was purchased cheap from someone who never used it, and it was given to him by his neighbor. All the mechanics seem to be operating, but the only problem is that I cannot engage the shutter. ie. the shutter will not close for me to release it. I tried to find a way to cock it, either by pushing down (clockwise), or up (counter clockwise). It does not hold shut. There is already film in it as I didn't realize I had this problem until I loaded the camera, The film will not advance because it is set up not to allow double exposures. Does anyone have any tips / advice? I can send photos if needed. While I do plan on getting a CLA on the camera, I wanted to test it to see if it could yield an image. the other rings/ mechanics work. I can turn all the dials. The other question I had was with the range finder. When I look at the little square inside and turn the focus ring, it does not go 'out' / create shifting lines. Any advice would be helpful.


Thanks so much!




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