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hasselblad 500 ELM does not wind, hums too


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Hi everyone!

I bought my first Hasselblad, a Hasselblad 500 elm, and I made a battery adapter for it and connected it.

the motor just spun and spun and i disconnected the battery. Put the operation lever on L, disengaged it to O and then connected the battery again, then it stopped and didn't move.

Ive tried shooting it, the darkslide pin does come out, but the mirror doesn't go up.

My friend tells me that it wont shoot without a lens, but i doubt that.

when I connect the battery it hums a bit (cause i felt it while holding it)

Is this something that I would have to open it up for? any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading




I found out more, I wound the gears back so that it could wind it, and the gear that's supposed to engage with the back rotates for a bit and then suddenly stops if that makes any difference

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