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How to scan old slides (formats 126 and 127) in mounted in metal frames?


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Hi I have a large number of old slides that I found. They were made in the 1960s and 1970s and I want to scan them, but not sure how to scan slides. I've scanned negatives, but never scanned slides.

I've watched a few youtube videos, but none matched my specific circumstances and intentions.


Here's the rundown:


1. It's very important to me that it is a very high quality scan.


2. There are two formats of slides: I believe they are called formats 126 and 127. Here's a photo:



3. All the slides are mounted in these metal frames. The metal frames are removable if you pry them open with the end of a screwdriver and then push the slide out, but I have about 300 slides to scan. Also, if I don't have to, I'd rather not remove them.



4. I have access to facilities where they have these two types of scanners:

Hasselblad Flextight X1

Epson Perfection 11000XL flatbed scanner


Can this be done? Please let me advise me if you know how :)



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Unless my recollection is wrong from long ago Photo Shop days, the slide mounts on those two formats were the same as 35mm, so that they could be used in the projectors of the day. Accordingly, they should scan the same, by the same methods, though later cropping will be needed. My advice is that you leave them in the mounts as they will be MUCH easier to handle.
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My advice is that you leave them in the mounts as they will be MUCH easier to handle.

Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I definitely intend to leave them in the white plastic mounts. If that was all, I'd be fine with slide holder trays on a flatbed scanner.

But the problem is that in addition to the white plastic mounts they are also in metal frames. With those on, they won't fit int the slide holders. So I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to scan the slides without removing the metal frames.

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The metal frames are probably 2~3x thicker that the plastic ones.

The slide holders for a flatbed scanner are sensitive to accurately holding the film at a certain distance from the bed plate.

Thus the plane of focus may be different for the plastic and the metal framed slides.

Some testing and critical focus evaluations with shims may be in order...


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On the metal slide mounts that I used for far too long (Airequipt), the cardboard mount slide slipped out sideways. I'd sure get the slides out of the metal clips if it were me.



One of the worst set ups ever unless your slide shows were never varied.

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