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Fledgling Hawk

Sandy Vongries

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Out walking the dogs on an awful day -- heavy clouds, 36° F, staggering winds, and earlier, Snow! Suddenly two mature Red Tail Hawks landed one after another up in the rocks. Took the dogs back & got a camera - D 7200 with 80-400. Conditions poor to say the least, and the adults had flown as did the fledgling when I got too close. Fair crops and a bit of adjustment.

1495209010_DSC_0099(1000x666).thumb.jpg.f87cb4f3bf5e374c98e74c159f76c9fa.jpg 1986962543_DSC_0104(1000x668).thumb.jpg.4fdd37b98302cf74095b66c8941c72b8.jpg

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