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Screen resolution problems for (some) users of new high resolution 4K monitors or laptops.

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Many users of new high res screens or monitors (on win 10 machines) are reporting that they are unable to see text as the font and text size is to small so the software is not usable. I had this issue with my new Lenovo ThinkPad Extreme X1 laptop with my Nikon imaging software. I just saw on another site that some users of NIK DXO software are having similar issues.


Changing display settings in win 10 does not fix these issues.



Here is the “ fix “ that was posted under the Nikon Forum that I thought I would share on the Digital Forum. I have added some of my own words too. I do not know if the fix for Nikon software will work for other software products so be very careful if you decide toi use the fix below. Use at your own risk.


"You could try this though in windows 10:


- Right click on the shortcut you use to open View-NXi (and each other software package where you are having a similar problem. Do this set of instructions for each software package where you are having problems):


- Select the "Properties" tab ( last tab in the menu)


- Choose the "Compatability" tab (rightmost in the top of the menu)


- at the bottom there is a button for "Change High DPI Scaling override"or similar, choose this


- On the next menu at the bottom there is a check box for "overide High DPI adjustment, check this box, this enables the scroll box beneath it


- In the scroll box select the "System" choice (the middle one, not the system extended or application, these screw up things a bit more..)


then "OK", then “Apply" and restart Nikon VIEW-NXi


( And then do the above for each software package where you are having the problem. )


On some High DPI systems View-NXi confuses Windows in choosing the High DPI settings, the above should resolve this..."




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It's easy with a Mac. In a web screen, like Photo.net, I hold the CMD key and type + or - to change the font size. For every other screen, hold the CTL key and swipe up or down with two fingers on a smart pad. You can scroll in the enlarged window using two fingers on the smart pad. I suppose you can do that with a mouse or scroll wheel, but I don't know where I put it. Otherwise, most text is impossibly small on a 5K screen.
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