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Canon photo 2018 #33 2018-08-16


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And another week flown by.

As usual up to 3 photos , 1000 pixels max size.


First of all: RIP Aretha.


When i drove into my street last monday this was in my front garden.

Somehow the light was special.


In the back garden i;m trying to raise dahlias from seed.



And this i have to take every morning and evening.

2 weeks of taking pills, 1 week rest, and repeat 6 times.. thats 18 weeks..


So show us something of your day ritual.

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I do hope the pills are doing their job and that they are not making you feel sick. My mother-in-law is currently on her third set-back being treated with chemotherapy. It is not an easy ride.


I took a picture of a school that has been closed down by the council. However, there is now a private company starting it up again and I have my hopes for this school as it was very important for the community. My apologies for the sloppy edit.


5D Mark IV, 24-70mm 2.8


I don't have a daily ritual, except coffee. I need to think about this.

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