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Autofocus on D7100 and Sigma 17-50 mm does not work after firmware update


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  • 3 months later...
Quick note to say that I also ran into this issue after upgrading my D7100 to 1.04. I took my 17-50 to the local sigma service centre and they had it sorted out in less than 10 minutes. Great service. Working perfectly on my D7100 now. By the way, I call my 17-50 "The Tank" ...
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  • 2 years later...

Hey all! I had the same issue…D7100, upgraded firmware to 1.05…sigma 70-200 no longer able to autofocus. Thought the lens would have to be sent in for repair. Changed to 1.04…still not resolved. Today, after coming  ti this site…and changing back to 1.04, problem fixed! It’s been almost a month. Thanks to all those who contributed to this post. Life saving. 

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