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Film Camera Week for December 29

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A few color shots from a few years back.


Remus and Pearl on window duty, Pentax (either a ZX-5 or MX), Sigma 28-80, Fuji Superia 200


Hermione and hedgehog, same gear and film as above


James and Curtis at Band Parents Day a few years back, Olympus XA, Fuji Superia 200


early morning on MSU campus

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A few more Hope everyone's New Year is off to a good start. Don't forget to visit and post in the new 365 day thread for 2018.


antique wagon, Ricoh KR Super II, Pentax 135mm f3.5 SMC M, Eastman 5222



selfie in wide angle mirror from last winter, Maxxum 9xi with Tamron 24-70, FP4+



window lighted restaurant, Olympus 35RC, FP4+


Hummingbird feeder, Tamron 500mm f8 Mirror, Minolta SLR (don't remember which one)

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from the Hassleblad 500C expired Delta 100 Pyrocat HD

I was checking to see if there were any problems with the camera, lens and backs, everything looks great as far and the body and lens, it looked like there was a light leak in the back near the slide but when scanning it almost appeared like there was not enough developer in the tank but I know there was but when I opened the tank the clip holding the reel had moved up about a 1/4 inch so maybe not a leak, I will have to try this back again, notice the light streak down the right side.

Will develop the other roll next time.


I had some issues with the sky, it was a cloudy day, blowing out so I adjusted the level down to bring out the cloudy sky but made them look a little muddy, I have a Epson 800 on the way so maybe the next ones will be better.








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