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Angle finder conversion - DIY how to


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My D7200 could really use a tilt-swivel rear screen, but next best thing would be an angle finder. Shame that Nikon's DR-5 offering costs nearly a quarter of what I paid for the camera!


Anyway, I came across a neat little Minolta right-angle finder at a recent camera fair, and in a nearby rummage box I found a DK-5 eyepiece blinding cap for the D7200.


The following pictures are pretty self explanatory.



The DK-5 cap


After removal of the strap-clip and sanding flat - mind your fingers with that craft knife!


I marked out the centre of the cap and drilled a hole for viewing. Then used the minolta fitting as a template to drill 4 attachment holes.


The finished RA finder on the camera.



Total cost £15 UK plus about an hour's work. I've since found out that 3rd party RA finders can be bought online for only twice what I paid for the Minolta finder. Hey ho!

But then I wouldn't have had the satisfaction of completing this little project.

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No regrets on buying the Minolta finder Mike. It's optically clear and bright as a bell. All metal too - apart from my eyepiece mod.


Actually I don't think I'd be happy fitting a metal adapter over the plastic eyecup of the D7200. There's a negative review of the DR-6 on Nikon's website, where the reviewer says he accidentally knocked the RA finder and snapped the back end off his D810 pentaprism. Oooops!

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