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Bolta Photavit camera

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Photavit 24 x 24 camera


Photavit is the smallest 24x24 camera (film canister for proportion purpose,)


Lens: Schneider Kreuznach Xenar 1:2.8, 37.5mm


Shutter COMPUR RAID, B,1,2,5,10,25,50,100,250,500


Film, must use 35mm film with sprocket holes, there is a sprocket drive gear in this version


Unpeformated film cannot be used in this verion Photavit






Bolta Photavit cassette with center spool.


The tiny switch at top is a reminder switch, the cassette is a supply cassette if the switch points outward


The cassette serves as take up cassette, if the switch is set to point inwards.



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Bolta Photavit camera with box with

1 Bolta Photavit film loader

5 Photavit cassettes( 2 inside camera)

1 close up attachment lens


Camera lens: Schneider Kreuznach Radiona 1:3.5 37.5mm lens


Pronto II shutter, T,B,1..200;

8 sec time delay control lever at bottom of shutter


Film. perforated or unperformated 35mm film can be used, this version has NO sprocket

drive. But in any even, paper backed 35mm film is out of question.


The film must be loaded into special Photavit cassette. ( Paper back film never needs any cassette)

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The eyepiece of viewfinder of Photavit is a small loup about f=20mm.

This eyepiece is simply inserted into the square hole at back of viewfinder without any secure thread, hence easily

drop out and lost. There are many Photoavit without eyepiece




Easy lost Photavit eyepiece.

One of my PHotavit had eyepiece, but was lost. Fortunately I found it under my laptop


Now I use a minimum touch of white glue on the eyepiece, then insert it back into the viewfinder, thus, it should be

more secure

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