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Mamiya shutter mechanism seems stuck


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Hi all, i just bought a Mamiay C33 with older model chrome 80mm lens for $130. Camera and lens are in decent condition and lens works fine on all shutter speeds and aperture is opening and closing without any issues. But when I mount the lens on the camera and wind the lever it cocks the shutter as I see the shutter cocking button going down but the shutter button mechanism on the camera won't go down enough to push the shutter release button on the lens. I can still fire the shutter if I push down the shutter release button on the lens manually. Since I am new to this Mamiya system, am i doing something wrong. As far as I know there is no shutter lock button on the camera. I am here to see if there is an easy fix for that if not I still have time to return this and I can send it back.


Oh and the knob on the other side is on Lock position.


Thanks, Beau

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<p>Have you locked the lens back on the camera after removing it with the lens locking knob on the left hand side of the camera that closes the lens mount aperture and blanks it off to protect the film from exposure to light when changing lenses, this would causer the shutter release to lock.</p>
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<p>Turn the little knurled selector in front of the crank clockwise, to 'SHEET or Multi-exp.' Your problem will probably be solved, and your camera is probably OK.</p>

<p>Mag is correct that you need a take-up spool (in the top position) for it to operate correctly. It sounds like you probably don't have a spool in place. </p>

<p>If the knurled selector is set on 'ROLL FILM' and there is no take-up spool in place, the shutter will cock when you wind the crank, but the body release will remain locked. Rotate it to 'SHEET' and the body release should move freely. (You just need to remember to put it back to 'ROLL FILM' when you have a live roll in the camera!)</p>

<p>If that doesn't work, let us know, because there is at least one more thing that could be causing this.</p>

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