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Anyone heard of this Leica copy?

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An antiques dealer showed me an intriguing camera called a

Pax Golden View. (I might ask him to email a pic). It's obviously

based on a LTM but is shorter, it's gold like a Luxus copy with

green leatherette (non snakeskin), has a rangefinder, speeds to

1/300 and a fixed 45mm f/2.8 "Luminar " lens - oh, and a very

well made dark green leather case. Any info welcome.

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Hello, it certainly looks like a Leica copy as such like a Shanghai or Fed etc but no listing in HPR's 'Leica Copies'.


It is in the 'Blue Book': circa 1954, 35mm RFR camera, Luminor Anastigmat 45mm, F3.5 lens, 1/10 - 1/300 sec, Made in Japan.


Value is given around $150, this is probably out of touch - most Leica copies passing through Christies in London are very collectable and fetching high prices now.

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There was a discussion on the value of this Yamato <a href="http://krphoto.com/ccforum/messages/96.html">here</a>.<p>Does it look the right one in the bottom photo <a href="http://www.cameraguild.co.jp/nekosan/goldcam.htm">here</a>?<p>Oddly, the only one that resembles an LTM externally (all these Yamatos have a leaf shutter and a non-interchangeable lens) is the <a href="http://www10.ocn.ne.jp/~shaman/camera2.html#PAX35">Pax 35</a>, which has a 45mm f:3.5 Luminor Anastigmat. From what I've found out, the 45mm f:2.8 Luminor Anastigmats were used in the <a href="http://www.buycamera.co.kr/paxM3.htm">Pax M3</a> and the <a href="http://canon-a.fantastic-camera.com/dasoku/paxm4.htm">Pax M4</a>. But then I'm no collector, just someone who once considered putting a Yamato Deluxe into practical use. (It's really small, fully mechanical, and not great loss if stolen.)
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I have a couple of PAX cameras. The have rangefinders and are similar in appearance to Leica, but much, much smaller. The lenses are non-interchangeable with leaf shutters as mentioned earlier. For those reasons I don't think you can call it a Leica copy. The lens on mine is a 45mm f3.5 with both F and X sync. They are often found with very stiff or even stuck focusing so be sure to check that out before you buy. I don't recommend one for everyday shooting. The lens quality is good, but not great and at f3.5 it's not very good for low light shots. Frankly, for a small, inexpensive, carry it anywhere camera you'd probably be better off with an Olympus Stylus Epic.
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