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Zoomar Sport-Reflectar 500mm f/5.6


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<p><strong>Further adventures in Zoomar land.</strong></p>

<p>I opened up the back where the filter pack is. There was a fair amount of dried foam dust which I blew away. To take off the filter wheel was beyond me, however. The screw holding on the wheel has a narrow slot with a curved bottom and nothing I could find would fit adequately and give enough purchase to loosen it. I did clean the outward surfaces of the clear and ND filters that I could get to, but could see dust and mildew on the inside.</p>

<p>I also found that a large scissors tips fit the retaining rings on the front of the lens, but the rings were so firmly fixed that I couldn't get them to turn/loosen to remove the front lens meniscus element. I think I may have to try UV to see if I can kill whatever is still alive inside the lens and then accept it as it is.</p>

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<p>great information and well laid out, thank you.<br>

anyone have suggestions for repair, or might be able to make a suggestion on the Kilfitt Zoomar 500mm sport i have. It seems the focus is stuck! the knobs turn just slightly, the rear mirror will not budge! pretty odd, as the lens is in otherwise decent condition. <br>

<br />I am looking to ultimately sell the lens, so advice on whether getting it looked at first, or trying to sell it with this issue???<br>

lastly, can someone confirm the final adapter on this. my best guess is Exacta ? it does have a diameter of just near the 44mm those do. this has a adapter and slot for a filter, with goes from the lens to 58mm. (does this 58mm screw mount have a name?) and then 58 to this bayonet ? many thanks! -John<br>

<img src="http://www.dropbox.com/s/km43iekcki7bygh/DSCN2897.JPG" alt="" /><br>


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<p>found it! It is the WE mount, to standard Kilfitt N mount and then the 'ALN' or Alpa mount. great. . . </p>

<p>Here are the N adapters that were available at the time:<br>

ALN (Alpa);<br>

ARN (Arriflex);<br>

AUN (Revue Konica Auto-Reflex);<br>

BON (Beaulieu Cine-Reflex);<br>

CAN (Canon);<br>

CIN (Cine-Reflex/Bolex - C Mount);<br>

CON (Contarex);<br>

COY (Contax/Yashica);<br>

EXN (Exakta/Topcon);<br>

ICN (Icarex );<br>

KIN (Konica );<br>

LEN (Leicaflex);<br>

LEN-R3 (Leicaflex "R-3" Series);<br>

MIN (Minolta);<br>

Nin (Nikon);<br>

OLN (Olympus);<br>

PAN (Pentax Screw Mount);<br>

PAK (Pentax K Mount);<br>

PIN (Petri); ROB (Robot) ;<br>

TIN (Praktina) and<br>

XAN (Camex-Reflex).</p>


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<p>I just bought (for $30) a Voigtlander-Zoomar lens (Kilfitt) but it has fungus in the inner moving element. I bought decades ago a Edmunds spanner wrench set (SERIOUS) and am using it to dismantle the otherwise useless lens. Edmunds still offers the wrench and it goes to 6" diameter with many tips and adjustments. Have you ever tried dismantling a complex lens? Pointers?<br>

John K.</p>

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