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Agfa Ambi Silette + Color Solinar 50mm f2.8 Short review and test shots

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<p>the main cause of vignetting is due to the shutter being of the behind-the-lens leaf type.<br>

the shutter blades position and varying open/close speed through out their travel, are the culprit.<br>

I expect similar effect on the kodak retina-retina reflex cameras, but have no direct experience.</p>

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Hi All - I'm looking at this lens for a modern DSLR with a m42 adaptor. If the shutter has been immobilised, can I expect to see any vignetting? If I understand correctly, it's the lens's leaf shutter that's the problem....
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I think that the Kodak Retina (and maybe the others) did not swap the whole lens but only the front element(s) to obtain the various lens types and the shutter was between the fixed rear elements and the swappable front elements. Thus the rear element to film distance was the same for all options and the same focussing scale was used for all options. Probably a difficult optical design problem.
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