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Lumix LX5 hands on ?

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<p>Have questions - suspect will need to find answers from someone whom has used the LX5.</p>

<p>Carryover from LX3?<br />-battery<br /> -filter tube adapter (mine is 52mm but what about rear thread)</p>

<p>New feature?<br /> -partial shutter release to exit review mode</p>

<p> </p>

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<p>More info-<br>

Although the Panasonic site (see link above) does not mention LX5 FEC it is referenced in the LX5 owners manual under adjusting flash output. Second curtain sync is not mentioned at all but then it is not in the LX3 manual either and does exist for that camera.</p>

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Panasonc LUMIX DMC LX5 has a LEICA DC VARIO SUMMICRON 1:2.0 TO 3.5 /51-19.2 ASPH lens


This lens is quite sharp and contrasty


Three settings: AF, AF MACRO and MF(manul focus)


Three aspect ratio 1:1, 4:3, 3:2 16:9


I usually set at 3:2 , that is the aspect ratio of 35mm camera


My LX5 came with a black leather case

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I have a Leica DLUX type 109 digtal camera and

a Panasonic LUMIX LX5 digital camera with Leica Summicron lens


I prefer to use the Lumix LX5.


it is more compact then Leica Dlux

LX5 has a built in popupable flash, while the DLUX needs

an external flash

LX5 has a Panasonic genuine full leather case, it covers up the lens

The DLUX has only a third party half case, it provides no protection of lens

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