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20D Shutter Failure, or other issue?


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<p>Based on some online research, I think my shutter died last night. Is this what happens?<br>


Given the 20D's age, repair is not worth it. I'm considering a few cameras: 40D/50D, used 1DmkII, 7D, 5D</p>

<p>The way I see it, the 40D/50D is a natural upgrade. Usability will be similar, but improved. Low light performance will be an upgrade from the 20D as will AF performance, though no huge jumps in either category (I've shot a few thousand frames on a 40D, so I'm working off of experience with these comparisons.) I would be happy with either the 40D or 50D, I believe.</p>

<p>In shopping around for used bodies, I was interested to see that the 1DmkII's are pretty cheap - in the sub-$1000 range which makes it a competitive option to the 50D. The 1DmkII has the same megapixel count and DIGIC II processor that the 20D has, but with vastly improved AF (points and accuracy) from my understanding. Down-side, it's an older camera with less low light performance. Now, does the fact that it's a 1D camera mean that ISO1600 & 3200 performance will still beat out my 20D? Will it compete with the 40D or 50D? I'll end up losing the use of my EF-S lens, but it's only my 10-20 which is great but I could live without it.</p>

<p>The 7D is a compelling choice, but it's pricey and new to market. I like the AF, metering, flash commander, and other improvements on the 7 but I tend to avoid the absolute latest and greatest until it's proven and the kinks are worked out. It's also a financial stretch and given that this is not a planned upgrade but a break/fix type replacement, I'm hesitant to spend that much money. It would make for a great camera for the next 4-5 years, though.</p>

<p>The 5D is also an attractive choice, but it would definitely require a new lens, as well. My 17-40 would be too wide for a normal zoom and my 70-200 too long. I know I'd like to get the 24-70, which just puts it too far outside my price range. I suppose I could get a different normal lens, but even then it's a lot of money.</p>

<p>I'm leaning toward the 40D/50D. There are plenty of used options around here as folks buy the 7D. I'm also tempted by the AF of the 1DII. Anyone have any opinions contrasting say, the 50D and the 1DII?</p>



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<p>The video doesn't show a shutter failure. In shutter failure, the shutter doesn't open and/or close properly. In your video, the mirror is clearly moving as well. The camera appears to be trying to take pictures even though you aren't instructing it to. That's a malfunction, for sure, but it's in some other component that controls the activation of the shutter and the mirror, such as the shutter release button or some part of the computer that runs the camera. Or a remote possibility (if you'll pardon the pun) is that perhaps something has mashed the contacts in the remote jack together, though if you don't use the remote and always keep the little cover on the jack, it should be pretty close to impossible for this to happen.</p>


<p>Try playing with the shutter release button to see if you can make this stop happening. If so, you have a pretty good idea what the culprit is. I have no clue what the repair cost would be if it starts happening again. If playing with the shutter release button doesn't fix it, it's probably a circuit board (including the possibility of a component that's mounted on it), and that's in all likelihood not an economically viable repair given the replacement value of the 20D with a similar camera.</p>


<p>Can't help you with the choice of replacement body, I'm afraid. You've obviously done some homework on these and are aware of pros and cons, so for the most part it's up to you.</p>

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