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"Tired Scanner" - Dimage Dual IV vs Epson 4180


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<p>I am in the process of scanning a large number of b&w and color negatives (35mm).<br>

I have two scanners at home - one Konica Minolta Dimage Dual IV and one Epson 4180 Photo.<br>

All the time I have believed that the Dual being a dedicated film scanner that got great reviews when it was introduced would create the best results of these two.<br>

When I compare however it turns out to be the other way around. I get better bw tonality, better sharpness and for the color negs far better colors on this - rather low grade - flat bed.<br>

Some color negatives scanned on the Dual showed a horrid greenish cast that was almost impossible to correct in CS3.<br>

I have noticed before that some bw negs scanned on the Dual showed a rather coarse grain structure but thought that there were problems with the film.<br>

What I am thinking is that there could be something seriously wrong with the Dual. Any ideas on whether this is something that could be fixed or if I should just toss it in the recycling bin.<br>

The only poblem with the flat bed is that after a full day of scanning each scan starts to take forevever to complete. Overheating?</p>

<p> </p>

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<p>I don't have Epson 4180 but I have Epson 3170 and the same Scan Dual IV and both work great but not on the same format. Scan Dual IV is really good for 135 B&W and color negatives while Epson 3170 shines on 120 format. I believe there must be something very wrong with your scanner. I have recently replaced the Epson 3170 with Canon 8800F which is better and faster. </p>
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