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any sb-80dx users out there?


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<p>i use both the sb-600 and sb-800. but i have this sb-80dx that came back to me from a loan to friend when we were still on film. i'm toying on the idea of hardwiring it to take a fifth cell, ala sb-800. what do you think? lately i have been getting shoots of ballroom dance events aside from my every-now-and-then weddings and other church functions. i get by with the 5th cell on the sb-800. i'm just a hobbyist so it might be fun to do the sb-80dx mod.............................in a somewhat related matter, what do you think of a generic sd-8a power pack?..................thanks.</p>
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SB-80X is not compatible with Nikon iTTL or CLS in latest DSLR cameras, but you never tell what camera you use.


SD-8a as a good product, and since market introduction some 33 or now 34 years ago is usable. Perhaps in is already a newer electronics incarnation ?. Will work great for your SB-800, but not for SB-600.

If you have a latest Nikon camera like D40, D60, D70, etc, and use your SB-800 and SB-600 in CLS system ?, then adding SB-80x to the pack will be fun, perhaps more fun that you are prepared for ? Search the net to find ways to use non-CLS compatible flashes with the CLS system flashes together, and what are your limitations and obstacles.

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<p>thank you frank for the input. i have the d200, d70s and two weeks ago i got the d40 for my everyday-carry bag. it used to be the d70s. the d40 is gem and kind to my aging neck and shoulder. i still have one f100 that i used the sb-80 for back in the old days.<br>

i use the cls system when i have fun with my grandkids (whenever i can get them to sit tight and behave).<br>

i usually setup the "cry room" for posed shots/portraits at our church when i do weddings/wedding anniversaries and quincieneras. the sb-80dx will be a big plus for the setup.</p>

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