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Refoaming Light Trap of Plaubel Makina


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<p>Denatured alcohol also is very good, and it does not have the health warnings that other solvents do. That and naphtha are my two personal favorites. I've not written re-sealing instructions for this camera...because I don't have one to use as the "model" for the images, but hopefully I'll find one in 2009.<br>


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<p>Used lighter fluid, Goo Gone, toothpick, bamboo stick, cotton swabs, hankerchief. Used great care since the camera back cannot be removed. Very narrow passages to clean out crud. Took alot longer than expected. Decided to use patience since otherwise the camera is in great condition.</p>

<p>Laying down the seal strips was easier than expected and completed looks really nice. </p>

<p>Thanks all for your suggestions. Paul</p>

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<p>Please excuse the resurrection of this old post. If you have a plaubel makina 67( not sure which one model paul was referring to) you can remove the back door easily. You need small jewelers screwdriver. The door is held on by two tiny screws that run vertically. They are located on the top and bottom where the unexposed roll of film rests. The most important thing to remember is don't fully remove the screws as it's difficult to reset them. once the door is removed, as there are two tiny aluminum bushings(IMPORTANT)that rest in each hole attached to the door. They come out easily and should be taped to the back of the door or a storage container while you are finishing the light seals. If you lose one I have no idea who would sell you a similar tiny bushing as Plaubel won't sell people parts. Try smallparts.com if this does happen. Email me if you have any questions as I've started doing basic repairs on my makina 67 including changing and making bellows.</p>
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