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Poll: Should LF Forum stay with Photo.net?


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Hi gang,


In the interest of resolving this issue, let us take a poll again.


Should LF Forum stay with Photo.net?


Yes? No? Don't care?


Your voices will help in deciding the future of this forum. So vote

responsibly and once.

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If it is possible the LF forum should be placed on an independent, non-commercial server. It is obvious that most of the original posters from the LF forum no longer participate here!


The original LF forum was incredible! Hopefully, it will be possible to revive it again!

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Eric, thanks for your concern about this forum. We had the vote before we came here. Sorry you missed it. The answer was no.


Eric, do we know you from another name at our old home? You dont show up in the archives before we moved here. It seems like you are just trying to cause trouble. Oh wait, I just found you. You "voted" to move here as Eric XX@xx.com in December 2001. I presume thats you anyway, hard to tell with that address.


To Brian re "the vote". Look at the "future of this forum" thread from 2000. Thats what I was referring to. The vast majority of respondents said no to photo.net, around 17 to 5 or 6 depending on how you count some less than clear replies. I found it interesting that suddenly more people (including Ericxx) "voted" for photo.net in the more recent thread you looked at, but I didnt even "vote" at that time because I didnt see Tuan's message as a call for votes. The vote had been done a year before that. He even referred to the photo.net issues, referring to the thread where a vote HAD been asked for, the results given above! As far as I was concerned, the photo.net option had already been voted down as a "preferred" option, though most agreed it was better than no forum at all. Here we are, with the less preferred option, certainly better than none at all, with some fine folks working hard to get the preferred option up and running.

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I vote we stay. If we move and something goes haywire two years from now or six months from now, we are really doomed. All it would take is somebody moving, somebody losing interest, somebody not paying a bill. Having read Greenspun's book on web publishing and much of his on-line material, I am confident that photo.net is (a) here to stay, and (b) not going to turn into something as deliberately malevolent as some people seem to fear. I admit the whole thing could be sold to www.megabucks.com some day, just like anything else. If that happens, we can move then. Right now the site looks pretty much the way it did back in the LUSENET days and I am happy to have it and grateful for Greenspun's insight some years ago in putting together LUSENET and his willingness to haul it over here rather than simply pull the plug. I am especially grateful to the photo.net volunteers who seem to have spent a lot of time transfering over the archives.


If Tuan sees a good opportunity elsewhere, then I would certainly support whatever he decides to do; after all, he is operating with a lot more information than I am. But right now, this looks like a pretty comfy place to be.


Greenspun's whole attitude is open-source, minimum fuss, and maximum information flow. I say we stick with him.

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Yes, I vote we stay, at least for now.


I would guess the vote won't be exactly the same as it was last year,

when people feared coming to photo.net would mean flashing banner ads

and thousands of dumb questions from beginners and the like.


So it doesn't hurt to take another poll, assuming everyone can be

civil and not hostile about it.

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Tim: I think Phil G has left.


I'm a photo.netter. Welcome to you all. I just flicked the LF forum on tonight - but I, like many others from PN wont look at it or participate in regularly as it isn't of my interest - if it were, I would have found it before now. Photo.net is a great community, non-commercial, and has a good atmosphere. Most of us are 35mm users, some use MF - but very few seem to be LF users, so I don't think you'll see much of the lunatic fringe moving into to mess your forum up. Ok, so we have bust ups sometimes - a 'civil war' a few months back caused a lot of bad feeling, but why not just wait and see?


BTW - i'm nothing to do with the elves or anything - just a happy user.

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If Quang-Tuan Luong - the moderator of the forum - feels it is appropriate to take another poll then I'll vote again. I'm not convinced that it is helpful for members of the forum to initiate 'unofficial' polls.


I assume that the original poll resolved the issue - the present situation is either consistent with the result of that poll, or it is only temporary, or it may be that we will stay here because no adequate alternative can be arranged. Whichever is the case, the moderator and those actively involved with him in the process of sorting things out will have my backing for whatever they feel is both appropriate and possible.


For myself, as a relative beginner in LF I would have to say that this is the first forum that I have participated in where I feel that I have taken out of the forum much, much more than I have contributed. As a result I will simply be grateful if it continues in roughly its current form, wherever that may happen to be. I have a personal preference for that, but I have already stated it in Tuan's poll, and I don't see a need to do so again.

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While it's possible that Lusenet was originally offered out of inspiration, I wonder if the events of the past few weeks were preordained from the beginning. Consider the progression: a "free" forum service is offered, many people put their hard work and efforts into making forums using those service successful, and then they are assimilated. How convenient for photo.net.


I would like to see the large format forum back in it's original location. Having the forum side-by-side with the excellent information currently located at Mr. Luong's site is a natural combination. I would much prefer to see the LF forum guided in the future by someone of Mr. Luong's thoughtfulness and integrity, versus the self-serving motivations recently demonstrated by its new host.


I vote no.

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My apologies to Eric for the sarcastic tone of my post, which isnt going to help things any, and for misrepresenting his earlier "vote" which was a "yes" to come here albeit after the first vote was already taken the year prior.
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Wayne, no offence taken mate. Don't worry about it. Just don't read too much into my 'nefarious' intentions.


I am sorry I did not make it clear. Regardless of how the poll turns out, it is ultimately Dr Quang Tuan Luong's decision to move it or stay. I thought it would be helpful to him to know how the reaadership feels about this at this juncture in time. It is not my intent to wrest any authority away from him.


If you go back to the archives, Dr Quang was for porting over to photo.net if an alternative was not found by the beginning of summer.


He may feel differently about it now. So if you decide not to vote, it is okay. Just don't try to hijack the process.


I cannot be sure whether to shift it or to tilt it? Front standard or rear standard? Swing? Raise it or let it fall? 4x5 or 8x10? Decisions, decisions. Comes with the LF territory, I suppose.

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