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Monte 35


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<P>I bought this camera knowing nothing about it, attracted as much by the name

as anything. It calls itself the Monte 35 ? in the 1950s the Japanese camera

makers were still feeling their way as regards marketing the product in the US

and Europe, and the camera names were pretty random. This one is rather modern

in styling and has a die-cast metal body, but is primitive mechanically.

Shutter cocking is by a lever on the lens barrel, and the wind-on has a sort of

ratchet device which should stop after one frame. It?s not clear to me if there

is any double-exposure prevention.</P> <P>I can find out very little, only that

Shinsei Optical Works made the camera from 1952 onwards, and my model with the

shutter release on the top plate came out in 1953. The lens is a Yosimar 45mm

f3.5.</P><P>I?ll run a film through it soon and see what develops. Meanwhile if

any other members own one, or have any other experience or recollection of this

camera, I?d love to hear about it.</P><div>00PCOB-42979184.jpg.1702d11e5051563dbc0ff630e94cf12c.jpg</div>

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Here is my take on your lovely full MoNtE.


This camera represents a typical, not withstanding its own

unique technical peculiarities, Japanese mass produced

camera of the early 1950s.

It will give so-so , acceptable - caveat added that "acceptable"

in the present context is taken to have both a literal and a

subjective interpretation - results. Pretty good,in other words.


From what l have gleaned.

One of a crap load - respectively - of very good mediocre cameras- manufactured under different names, by different Japanese optical companies, and which had their names, mechanical designs, physical

attributes, etc., changed every year or every few years to "update"

either their aesthetic appeal or their actual mechanical efficiency.

(For example, the later MOnTE-35, had a regular shutter, release etc.,

mounted on the top plate, rather than on the lens barrel as yours does.)


Your camera has many similar, if not identical, features found on many other Japanese cameras of the time. It is representative of a TYPE. " TYPICAL ", as they often annotate technical drawing with,

to avoid repetitiously restating the same thing.


Here is one interesting JAPANESE link: GOOGLE IT , then click " translate this page " .

1. http://kochi-med.net/moto/camera/camera_repair/monte35/


2. http://www.novacon.com.br/odditycameras/optikotechna.htm

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Thanks for the Japanese link. The camera on that page has the same body casting but the script of the name is a different style and the entire lens assembly is different. They must have liked the name a lot.
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