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New to studio lighting with Bronica Sq-a


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To begin I am complete novice with regard to studio flash photograhy. I

recently bought a bronica SQ-A from ebay and after using it for some time have

become interested in setting up a small studio for portrait work. My question

is this.


What equipment do i need to connect to camera to studio flash.


Thanks in advance.

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If you are using hotlights, none. (Sorry had to put that in) If you are using flash, what you need at minium is a PC cord that connects from the PC connecter on your camera (top right of the body I beleive if you have the camera in front of you) to the primary flash. The rest of the flashes would be slaved into that one, firing when it fires. Make sure the cord is of sufficent length so you can move as needed and that you have more than one of them, they tend to break at the most inopportune moments.


If you wanted to be fancier there are radio slave flashes you can use. The transmitter would still plug into the PC connection on your camera and the reciever would plug into the studio flash. A bit more expensive but gives you freedom of movement and one less wire to trip over.

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