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Help with Dead Hasselblad PCP-80 Projector

Rob F.

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I projectod about 20 slides in the usual way, when the projector died. The

lamp faded to black, and none of the controls work. The fan runs normally.

The manual states that this means that the electronic control system has shut

down. Pressing the circuit breaker reset doesn't help. Letting time go by and

pressing it again doesn't help.


Removing the lamp carrier, both bulbs measure 0.2 ohms on a Simpson 260-XL. I

assume that is an acceptable cold resistance for a 24 volt system, and that the

lamps are not the problem. Running the projector with the lamp carrier removed

doesn't cure the problem.


As a former electronics technician/field engineer, I might be able to do some

good, if I could get the projector apart. This means getting the top off. It

would come off with four screws, except that the carousel tray won't come off

until it has been unlocked. The tray blocks the top from coming off. I can't

turn the lock/unlock control to the unlocked position to get the magazine off,

because it has to be released first with the "Edit" button. But that is one of

the controls that went dead when the electronics cut out. The magazine

prevents removing the top.


I've peered in from every removable panel, from underneath, behind, from the

side, even through the lens opening. There must be a mechanical solenoid that

can be released manually to allow the locking control to be rotated. But where

is it?


And after someone tells me how to get the carousel tray off, what do I do

then? Will I find an internal fuse that might have blown? Is there a

troubleshooting guide or schematic diagram for it?

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I don't know much about these projectors but I know a man who buys them...fixes them...and sells them. At least that's what he told me when he bought one from me a while back.


If you email me at kencamera@gmail.com I will forward his email to you so that you might inquire with him about your problem. I'm sure he could help you but I don't think he peruses photo.net.




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Hi Rob. I realize how old this post is but thought I'd reply since it seems you've been active on photo.net recently, hopefully you'll receive notification of this reply.

I recently inherited a PCP80 and am trying to use it, but it has exactly the symptoms you described in your original post. I'm somewhat handy and don't mind disassembling as needed to check the fuse, would you happen to have some tips on how to go about that? You mention getting the projector apart was the hard part, and I don't want to break anything... TIA, Doug

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