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Smokies Waterfalls


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I know this is similar to a question recently asked, but I will be visiting the

Smokies the last week of September and was wondering if some of the waterfalls

had dried up because of the drought. I will be staying about a week and was

planning multiple hikes to the different falls, but will focus elsewhere if they

aren't going to be worthwhile.

Thanks for any info.


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When I was there in June they were pretty low, and I don't imagine they've gotten any higher. Meigs and West Prong were at about 50% normal flow. I'll defer commenting on what I think about the interior falls, because they are much more dependant on CURRENT weather conditions.


If you are going to be there for a week, consider the drive down to Bald River Falls at the end of the Cherohala Skyway. The river is big enough that there should still be some decent flow.

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I haven't seen any of the waterfalls lately but Little River along the road between Townsend and Gatlinburg, is lower than I've ever seen it in the 17 years that I've lived here in Maryville.


I just can't refrain from giving this advice. My family occasionally gets together and rents a four bedroom vacation home from the High Hampton Inn in Cashiers, N.C.. Last fall we spent a full week hiking to and photographing on average, three waterfalls per day. The Chatooga potholes, White Owl, D.E.W., Slippery Witch, the several falls on the Horsepasture River, etc. are just beautiful. That is far better country for waterfalls than around here. I hope you get a chance to go there some time.

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