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UK Insurance - upgradeability


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Does anybody know of any Photo Equipment Insurer (UK) that will allow you to

upgrade kit if you make a claim ?


I'm looking to insure approx ?2,000 (GBP) of equipment.

I do lots of nightclub / DJ type photography - so needs to be covered in

locations where Alcohol is served - someone once told me I should look out for

this as an exclusion. (I've already had half a drink spilt on my SLR!)

But if anything happens to my D70 I'd prefer to upgrade to a D200.


Most Insurers seem to cover on a new for old basis.


Don't have home content insurance so taking that out with camera stuff out-of-

home is also an option.



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I cover all of my stuff under my home contents insurance.


Direct Line allowed me to upgrade all of my kit when mine was stolen earlier in the year. Pretty much all insurers will allow you to do this, or even give you a cash settlement if you so wish. My guess is that this, using contents insurance, is probably the cheapest option.


The exclusion I would look for would be if you are using your kit for commercial purposes.

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