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MacBook Pro & Compact Flash

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I'm considering buying a new computer in the coming months. We're in the

process of purchasing a number of high-end Macs at work and I'm considering one

for personal use now. (I've been a long time PC guy, but always appreciated the

elegance of a Mac.)


Anyway.. I'm looking at the MacBook Pros and got to looking at a 3D model. I

start to spin it around and realize there's nowhere for a Compact Flash reader.

On my current laptop, I've got a PCMCIA slot with a CF adapter in it which is



How have other photographers worked around this limitation? I'd rather not

carry around an external reader, if it can be helped.



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That wouldn't surprise me. I think USB 2 is one of the two interface options in the Expresscard spec, the other option being PCI-E. There's every possibility that under the surface it's literally just a USB2 CF reader. This is especially likely give the driverless "Plug and Play" mentioned on their website, very easily implemented via USB storage class.
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Thanks for the options. Looks like either a very small USB/FireWire reader w/o cable would work, and the Delkin might also work (though I'd want to see one in person.)


I don't want to use my camera via cable for numerous reasons including battery life, the ability to continue shooting while copying, and the fact that I don't like to juggle too many things around at once (I'd rather have a stack of cards and leave the camera in the bag, just in case.)


Still not 100% on getting a Mac yet. It's frustrating that they didn't include a slot that would accept CF internally (PCCard, ExpressCard54, whatever - just something that I could use internally so I didn't have to carry around another little piece. I have enough to manage with camera, lenses, tripod, filters, cell phone & charger, laptop & charger. Such is life.

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