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bglod quick question


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The D70 and D70s share most of the same parts, except for the larger LCD on the back, etc. Technically, any problem that can happen to the D70 can also happen to the D70s. But according to what I read, with no verification, the BGLOD problem traces back to a bad circuit board, and apparently Nikon stopped using the bad boards around November, 2004. Since the D70s was introduced several months after that, they should not have that same problem in large numbers.
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My D70s has had several BGLOD episodes - the latest was after shooting off 6 frames on a very important occasion, and the BGLOD went off. I turned the camera off, put it in my bag and finished shooting with my N80. About an hour later, I checked the D70s, and it was working. I will be sending it into Nikon -- if I can't trust a camera is going to work when called upon, then I'm not using it.
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Keep in mind that the blinking green light merely indicates that there is some sorts of electronic problems inside the D70/D70s. It can be the symptom of one of many problems, but the most common reason traces back to a bunch of bad circuit boards Nikon used in the early D70 bodies, approximately up to November, 2004. (The D70 was introduced in February 2004 and they started shipping in March. In the summer of 2005, Nikon replaced it with the D70s, which was discontinued around the end of 2006 after the D80 was introduced.)


As far as I know, Nikon never officially released the manufacture date or serial number range for the affected D70 bodies, so the November 2004 date is just guess work and approximate.


In other words, just because you see the blinking green LED on the back of a D70/D70s doesn't necessarily mean that it has the common bad circuit board problem in the early D70 bodies.

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