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Lifespan of a monitor / ability to calibrate after 5 yrs

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I have a old mid->low end 15" IIyama Monitor which is over 5 years

old now.


I'm noticing that it's struggling a bit with differentiating shades

towards the darker end of the scale (compared to my work + friends

standard monitors).


Do you think it's a case of buying a new monitor (as well as the well

overdue system as a whole) or would a calibration tool such as

Spyder2 etc be able to fix it ?


Tried calibrating with AdobeGamma and it initially went worse as I

couldn't even see the dark inner square in the initial tests!



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OK, first of all, I agree with Craig. One of the best moves I made was getting rid of my old 15" LCD and buying a new 19" LCD.


If your current monitor is five years old, you're going to be replacing it pretty soon, anyway. In the meantime, you might go ahead and get the Spyder2, because (1) it might work with the Ilyama, and (2) you can use it on that new, high-end 24" LCD monitor that you're about to buy. :)

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