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EF 70-210 F4 Macro reviews?


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I see an EF 70-210 F4 Macro listed for sale at a price I can afford.

I can't, however, find any kind of review about this lens on the net.

The closest I find it someone like me asking for more information

(and not getting any! :)


Anyone have any information on this lens? Is it an OK consumer-grade

zoom? Any sample photos?



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I had one for a short period of time in 2004, i bought it used and in very good shape, but the sad reality was other. This Lens Sucks? at best I get the right half of the picture in focus (EOS 50 E): former owner was happy with the lens ( EOS 10D )i get rid of it very soon. Before buying i also was in your position, this link :


was a late warning for me .

My advise is PASS. As before said the later 70-210 USM 3.5-4,5 is a world apart.

Sorry about my crude attempt to post a link ,this is my best

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The USM is a lot nicer to use. Optically, they are pretty close and the old lens is a straight f/4 all the way through. Sounds like that guy got a bad example or one that had been abused. I've used one for a couple years and it's not bad. It's also no L. See if you can find a 50-200 L if you want the best performance for the buck. It's also a first generation lens and has the same "faults" as the 70-210, noisy (by comparison) AF and push-pull zoom. They both use 58mm filters as does the USM version. I still have a 50-200 L and I use it on bright days when I don't need 2.8 speed.
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<p >I got a used one from ebay for $150. It has great optics. Here's my impression on the lens. <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.fullmanualcontrol.com/my-gear/canon-ef-70-210mm-f4.html" target="_blank">http://www.fullmanualcontrol.com/my-gear/canon-ef-70-210mm-f4.html</a></p>

<p >Here are some low light indoor photos taken with the ef 70-210mm. <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.fullmanualcontrol.com/...-despite-its-old-age-and-limitations.html" target="_blank">http://www.fullmanualcontrol.com/...-despite-its-old-age-and-limitations.html</a></p>



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