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Which Diopter for an M3 ?


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You will have to see an optician to determine the correct diopter for

your particular eye. They come in - and + corrections. Take into

account that the viewfinder on the M6 has a -0.5 correction built in

according to the technical specifications in the instruction manual.

The M3 may be the same, I'm not sure, you would have to check with

someone like Steven Gandy or any other Leica expert on this site if

you don't have the M3 instruction book. If the viewfinder has indeed

got a correction built in for example -0.5 and your eye test

indicates a -1.5 correction is for you then you would have to get a -

1.0 diopter correction lens, about US$80. Ridiculous price I know

but what Leica accessory isn't?

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