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20D with Sigma 24 2.8 Super Wide


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I just picked up a Sigma 24 2.8 from KEH. It fires fine at 2.8, but stopped

down gives err 99 consistently. Did I fall victim to the Sigma-Canon

compatibility monster? Do I have a leg to stand on with a return? (The

listing did say something about not for use with certain cameras, but did not

list a 20D nor a Rebel XT which both give the error.


The lens was cheap, but if it only works at 2.8 I'm hesitant to say it's worth

it. (The primary use is for nightclub type shooting, so it'll mostly be used

at 2.8, but still.)




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<p>I don't have any personal experience with Sigma lenses, but from what others have said in the past, it seems Sigma will re-chip a given lens once for free, provided that it's still a current model, and they apparently also give it a quick cleaning, too. If it's a model they've discontinued, you may be out of luck, and if this particular lens has been re-chipped before, you will likely have to pay to have it re-chipped.</p>
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Yep, this is the compatibility problem. I had a older Sigma 24/2.8 which would work

beautifully on my A2 (well, except for a little clicking noise) but not on my more modern

cameras. When I called Sigma last year, they said that this lens is too old to do anything



I could still use it on my Elan 7 by putting a small piece of tape over the electrical contacts

and focusing manually, but I could only shoot wide open. After a while, I got tired of this, and

I coughed up the money for a Canon 24/2.8.

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I too owned a Sigma 24 2.8. Metal construction and pretty darn sharp. It only worked on my

EOS A2, and not on anything newer. No resale value since it can't be rechipped.

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