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WB on the D70


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i'm not a pro so this might be an old obeservation or an antiquated fact. but

i'm in the mood for feedbacks and inputs --- one of the ways of my learning



i love my D70 but my main heartache is its WB not being very accurate, on the

18-70mm kit lens. this, among other upgrades, is the main push for me to get

the D200. still saving for that because i opted to get the 17-55mm first. a

wise move inded.


i noticed that the WB is very accurate, especially AUTO which i don't really

use much, incandescent and fluorescent settings if i use primes or the only

pro-grade zoom i have -- the 17-55mm. and the only primes that i have are the

20mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.8, and the 85mm. also great on a borrowed 90mm and 105mm.

is this a valied observation?


this new observation (to me) may just postpone the acquisition of the D200.

well, this is second to my not having money.

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"i love my D70 but my main heartache is its WB not being very accurate,"


"i noticed that the WB is very accurate, "


Ramon you confuse me :-) You want to point out it is accurate or it is not accurate?


I personally like the Auto WB in the D70. Since it is no problem to change the WB in PSCS2 ACR for a pile of images I hardly use any other setting in Camera.

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I've just recently begun using the D200, and find that the WB control and results are intuitive

and similar to my D70. I have never set white balance to a specific lens, as I think you are

stating in your post. Consider me confused as well.

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LOL. With all due respect, I think it's a valid observation when the real reason is you want a D200 ,cuz there is so much talk about it. Do you have to follow the crowd? When there is enough talk about Zeiss ZF, there will be someone make the jump. My D70 doesn't have the problem you have. it's a lot more useful tool than my film body and it will last at least another couple of years. Why would I bother upgrading if it works just fine? Everything has limitations. I just learn about it and work around the limits.
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I found that the Auto-WB is more accurate on the D200 than on the D70, and colour accuracy is better as well on the D200. The auto-WB seems to be more likely to make errors indoors under lower-light conditions...and the 17-55 (with it's f/2.8 max aperture) is better in low-light than the f/3.5-4.5 max aperture range of the 18-70 kit lens. Thus the WB accuracy can be influenced by your lens choice on the same camera body.


Try putting one of your fast primes on as well.


All of that being said, you did make the optimal choice by getting the 17-55 lens first...get good glass first then choose better camera bodies. I envy you a little for the 17-55...I don't really have $800-$1000 lying around that I can spare for that lens at the moment.

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