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Beseler 8 x 10 Enlarger Comparisons


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I'm considering an 8 x 10 enlarger. The choices, if you want

something smaller than a Volkswagen are very limited, essentially to

Beseler. The two models are the 810 MXT and the 810V-XL. There's a

pretty significant price difference and wondered if anyone out there

has done some work with both and might be able to suggest whether

the additional money is worthwhile for the difference in features

and performance.

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Jim, I never tried this enlargers but I have a friend who own both. He is a professional printer; I remember to hear from him that the MXT is not a strong enlarger designed to work with the heavy 4x5" dichro heads but a light enlarger who works fine with the condenser or Aristo 4x5" light sources. He keeps it as backup enlarger. He daily use a V-XL with the Beseler dichro head and the 3 lens turret. Sometimes he use a 8x10" conversion cold light head kit over the V-XL, but I never see it. He dislikes the "obsolete" (in his words) double column design. His dream is to have Durst Laborators with some kind of ultra-expensive light source.
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There is also an 8x10 adapter for the Zone VI enlarger. I've never used one so can't recommend it. I also don't know how easy it would be to find an 8x10 adapter as I'm not sure Calumet is still selling them, although they may be coming out with a new on using LED's.


If you're really serious about 8x10, I think buying a full size 8x10 enlarger would be the best way to go.

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