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Color temperature & cc filters


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A while back I picked up a set of CC filters and a color temperature

meter and have been searching everywhere for a chart showing what

filter/pack to use for converting a given color temperature to the

5500 degrees used by most color daylight films. Anybody know where I

can find one? The best I've done so far is a chart of the 80-series

and the temperature they convert to 5500 along with a chart of the cc

filter pack equivilant for the 80-series.

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CC filters were more used to correct very minor color variance where critical color reporduction is required.


Early in my career each box of ektachrome has a set of cc value and exposure factor. your strob lights would also be tested to the 5500K color separation standard using guides and charts.


This is to ensure accurate color reproduction in catalogs and magazine ads.


To correct for major differences daylight, tungsten you should use the 8x series.

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Thanks for all the responces. The meter (given to me by a retired photographer friend) is an old Gossen Sixticolor; I realize it has its limitations, but it has been interesting to see that it gives readings that are very close to what various sources have given as the typical color temperatures of various known lighting sources that I have been able to meter. Should be useful info when selecting filters.


I just ran across a list of filter packs that approximate the 80-series in cc filters. Here is a list for those who might be interested:


80A = 90C + 30M (+2 stop)

80B = 80C + 25M (+1 2/3 stop)

80C = 55C + 17M (+1 stop)

80D = 35C + 12M (+2/3 stop)


A much more complete list is available at:





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Hmmmmm...Chris, could you comment on how you "worked out" the equivilant pack for the 81D filter? This might prove to be just what I was looking for. Thanks for the site address correction, too; I'm not too swift on computers, just copied what printed out on the bottom of my hard copy.
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