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Hexanon lens quality/compatibility?


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How do Hexanon AR 35mm lenses compare with Nikon/Minolta/Pentax lenses

in general, and while I'm at it, what bodies are compatible with Hex.

lenses besides Konica? I'm so confused about what lenses are

compatible with which bodies. My main interest lies with the 70's and

80's vintage equipment. Thanks for any help I can get with these


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The Hexanon lenses (konica) are very good. Exc contrast and sharpness.


They are worth buying the Konica boides to use.


The Konica T2a or T3 bodies are probably the best built bodies.


No other cameras will directly mount a Hexanon lens, --- However because of the flang distance they are many converters on the used marke that will allow you to mount a Hexanon lens on a Canon or Nikon for example.


Over the years I have owned every cmaera body made by Konica with the exception of two bodies they made. My favorite would be the T4.



In summary - Konica Lenses Kick.


Mount adaptera are availeb to use on other bodies. You have to use stop down metering and they made no AF lenses.

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Many learned and skilled photographers preferred the Konica glass. The 57mm 1.2 is thought to be as good as there is for a super-fast normal, the 85mm 1.8 is stunning, the 40mm 1.8 was described in a magazine article as the sharpest lens they had ever tested. I went through a phase of actively testing resolution back then and the Hexanons were always at the top of the heap when compared to photo club members' Nikon, Minolta, Canon and Pentax. Other solid performers were their 24mm 2.8, the 28mm 1.8, 50mm 1.4 and 1.7's, 100mm 2.8, 135mm 2.5, 200mm 3.5 and the 300mm 4.3. Avoid the value oriented Hexars of the day and lower price point zooms and most everything else is very good.
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Konica AR mount lenses ca NOT be used with Canon Nikon Pentax or Minolta bodies with any type of adapter and retain the ablity to focus to infinity.


The lens resistration distance is to short


Konica AR 40.70mm


Canon 42mm


Nikon 46.5mm


Pentax screw 45.46mm


Pentax K 45.46mm


Minolta MD 43.5mm


once you add any type of adapter you would have the lens set to far from the film plane for infinity focus with some bodies you would be down to a couple of feet working distance with a 50mm lens.


That said the Konica AR mount bodies sell for very little money are easy to have serviced and are extremly well built cameras. The lenses hold there own against the Big three.


My next door neighbor shoots a Konica FS-1 I got him off ebay and has a T3 as backup he loves it and produces some very nice work.

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The Nikon adapter has an extra lens in it. Dont know about the Canon or Minolta adapters.


Anyway, ;) Konica lenses are great and they are low cost , allowing you to build up a real nice collection of quality glass and a decent body for very little expense.


The T2 and T3, T4 are mechancial bodies that only need batteries for the meters. The Tc is a stripped down version of the T4. ( not feature rich)


The Fs is okay( not as reliable as the Ft) . The best of the electronic bunch is the Ft as it was marketed at pros. A very nice viewfinder and a meter that is very accurate and uses a series of LEDS to indicate apature. (much like the Nikon FG)


The camera is shutter priority.


Dont get the FP - its a joke program mode and thats it.


The Konica 28, 50 135 and the macro lense compete with todays stuff and will hold their own.

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Thank you all. A wealth of knowledge. I inherited my father-in-law's Konica FS-1, and lo and behold, the film advance motor is fried. Apparently there's no replacing it. But he did leave me with the 50mm 1.4 and the 85mm 1.8. You all have now helped guide me to my next step: finding a Konica body so that I can put these fabulous lenses to use.


Thanks again, everyone.

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