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Anny-35 and update

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Hi all,


Firstly I'd like you to know that I visit the forum nearly every day

to see what's new, even though I've participated very little so far.

I enjoy the helpfulness and humour here and find the photos

inspiring - thanks!


My collection of old cameras is growing rapidly - I made a New Year

resolution not to buy any more until I'd put at least one film

though each (useable) one I already have, and so far have kept to

that - but friends and family are getting to know of my new-found

interest, and have started giving me cameras...! :-)


Tonight I was given a 35mm camera that would probably be categorised

as a junkstore or toy camera rather than a classic, so may not even

belong here. It's marked Howay (or Houay) Anny-35, made in Japan.

The name is written in a distinctive font (script) that reminds me

of something else I've seen, but I can't place it at the moment. The

lens is a plastic fixed-focus Utacar 50mm 1:8. It's very basic - one

shutter speed (don't know what it is), a lever for changing the

aperture but no numbers, and a frame counter which looks like it has

to be moved manually each time a shot is taken.


I can't find much info on the net, except here:



There's a Hoei Anny 44 here which might be related, but they look

quite different:



And I've read there's a Diana clone called Anny that also takes 120



Has anyone else ever come across one of these Anny-35's, if so I

would love to find out more. I'll put a film through it and see what

happens. Will also take some pics of the camera itself in the next

day or two.


Janice M. (NZ)


P.S. So far I've put one film each through the Agfa Billy, Agfa

Isolette and Franka Solida Jr. and produced contact prints. No

prints yet, due to lack of the appropriate equipment - but was also

loaned some enlarger lenses tonight that I can use for the 6x6 and

6x9 negs. Progress! :-)

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I did a search of completed items on eBay and found <a href="http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=30099&item=3867966646&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW">this listing for a Anny Super De Luxe model</a>. The main difference from the standard model seems to be that the Super De Luxe has more fake features. It went for a surprising $24.95. With uncorrected plastic lenses it seems likely you will get images resembling the Diana, but we won't know for sure until you show us the pictures.<br>    No need to worry about the appropriateness of a camera to this forum -- anything with a hole to let in light qualifies as long as it was built before 1970.
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Thanks Jan-Oloff. I've got a film in the camera at the moment and have been waiting for some nicer weather to complete it (lots of rain here lately). The frame counter does work, sort of...


I've now scanned some pics of the camera and will try to post them here (first time posting pics in a forum).<div>00B2pA-21742684.jpg.3d08c653a898b15fd4e56f34ffbe3fac.jpg</div>

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My mother recently gave me a big box of "stuff" I've been neglecting at her house for the past five years, and opened the box tonight at home. In there was a camera I bought in high school at a garage sale. An Anny-35 Super De Luxe camera with a Utacar 1.8 lens. It was inside a case with gold engraved ANNY 35. I tried to search ebay, but no results popped up. It's not a popular search online, so I'm stuck with a camera I don't know much about.
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I actually have the same camera. I bought it at a thrift store for $10. It is also missing that part by the lens. I haven't put a roll through yet because I'm scared that there will be to much of a light leak from the broken piece. Anyway, when i get a chance to try it out I'll post the pictures.
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<p >Today I added the same novelty camera to my collection. </p>

<p >Mine has the missing aperture ring that reads from left to right: DULL_8,11,16,22_BRIGHT. It even has a lenscover in light metal marked: 'ANNY'. </p>

<p >It’s an inexpensive camera that looks like a real one from far, but it works as a box camera. </p>

<p >It was made by ‘Hoei Industrial Co., Ltd. Japan’ a group company to the ‘ASAHI TEC CORPORATION’ between 1961-64.</p>

<p >I didn’t put it by the junk, as two collector’s guides [McKeown’s price guide to antique & classic cameras]&[Kadlubek’s Camera Catalogue] both mentioned this little camera.</p>

<p >Collector’s value between $ 12-40. So mine was just a bargain, as it was between a lot of other ones that I found for $ 1,25 each.</p>

<p >The ‘Howay’-mark on the front is probably the way to pronounce the company’s name: ‘HOEI’.</p>

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