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Minolta Autocord - Which model ?


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Hello All,


I was wanting to purchase a Minolta Autocord.


I understand there are quite a few variants of this camera.


I was wondeing whether there was a preferred model ?


My own preference is one without a meter.


Any advice would be welcomed.




Tony Salce

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I've had Paul Ebel work on a couple of my Autocords.It might be worth a call to him as a repair person to get his take on what models he considers better from a repair standpoint. He's a gentlemen and would probably be willing to share his thoughts regarding repairs and his repair experience with different models and shutters. Should you happen to get one that needs a CLA you will know the score.


Paul Ebel - (Spring Valley, Wisconsin) 715-778-4372;

W230 Terrace St. POB 86, Spring Valley, WI 54767


Good shooting, Rick

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Re: the versions with the wierd strap lug. These are the later versions, with "Minolta" in smaller typeface on the faceplate, and with a Citizen shutter. You can buy two small keyrings about 1/2 or 5/8 inch in diameter (available at hardware stores, locksmiths) and work them securely into the space between the two parts of the lug. You can then attach a strap, or strap fitting, to each ring. It works well and is secure. Hard to describe in a post but easy to figure out when you see the thing.


No matter which model you are looking at I would watch out for light leaks where the back hinges, fixable with foam.

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The most important thing is that the Autocord you buy is properly CLA'd. These cameras didn't really change that much during its production period. That said, most lightmeters on Autocord no longer works. All other mechanics often completely perfect. If You have the choice, go for the late III model from 1965 without meter (even though You will never use the 220 film option). The shutter on the late Autocord is the wonderful Citizen MVL and the focusingscreen is somewhat brighter than on old models.



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