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  1. Hi guys
    Was wondering if anyone could help me. I recently bought myself a Zorki 4. I went online and read through the manual. In the manual and online resources both claim that the shutter speed should NOT be set unless you have already cocked the camera.
    I played around with the shutter speed and I am having issues setting the speed. The shutter speed dial does not move right(clockwise -where the shutter speeds are written) And only moves to the left (anticlockwise) is this normal? When I move the shutter speed dial further/furtherest anticlockwise I notice the shutter speed is slower, and less anticlock wise then it is quicker. However this feels wrong as I have no way of determining the exact shutter speed, and its all approximations.
    [sorry if thats a bad explanation its the best I can do to explain]
    Please can someone be kind enough to explain what I'm doing wrong. Or point me in the right direction.
    Much much appreciated
    Thank you
  2. Perhaps the manual will help - see http://www.butkus.org/chinon/russian/zorki/zorki.htm
  3. Its a while since I had a Zorki but don't you have to pull the shutter speed knob upwards before turning it to change the speed?
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    I'm not sure I understand the problem you're describing, but if reading the manual didn't help, what about searching for 'Zorki 4' on Youtube? Someone is bound to have filmed themselves with the camera; in fact, I just did that search, and yes they have; they aren't great instructional films, but you can see what is supposed to happen.
    Does the shutter fire?
  5. From your description of the problem, it seems as though some of the speed markings have vanished from the dial. If that is the case, then hold the camera with the lens away from your body and the 6 O'clock position is "B". From there to the 8 O'clock position is 1/30. From 1/30 you must back track to "B" and then move to 4:30 O'clock position at 1/1000, then 1/500, and 1/250 at 3 o'clock. Exactly 180 degrees opposite is 1sec. 1/2 sec is at 12 O'clock. the rest are in the remaining quadrant between 12 and 3.
    Try setting it at "B" and see if it works. It may take you a few tries before it sets itself to the correct positon. Between "B" and 1/2 sec the dial should turn both clockwise and anti-clockwise. Form 1/30sec it should turn only to "B"and anticlockwise. Similarly from 1sec it should turn only to 1/2sec and clockwise.
    The pattern of slower an faster speeds you described seems correct, as below:
    When I move the shutter speed dial further/furtherest anti-clockwise I notice the shutter speed is slower, and less anti-clockwise then it is quicker.​
    Your statement below is puzzling to me. The shutter speeds are written all around the dial, as I have described. Only in one quadrant between 12 and 3 they are closely spaced.
    The shutter speed dial does not move right(clockwise -where the shutter speeds are written) And only moves to the left (anticlockwise) is this normal?​
    I hope this helps. Please articulate in detail if you still have problems. Sometimes the stem in the centre of the speed setting dial may be loose. That could cause all problems in speed setting. Please do not try to tighten it from the top. You will have to loosen the two set screws on the speed dial [after marking its positon] then lift up the dial. You will see a hole in the stem. Push a stiff steel wire through the hole and tighten it, clockwise. Then refit the dial in the same marked position and tighten the set screws. Take care to work on a white cloth surface so you don't lose the screws; they are tiny. Try not to remove them from the dial-head body. Just loosen them a bit for removal. I hope this helps. Feel free to post more questions or send me email. If you post it here others may also respond; that would help. Also some more may learn about this in the future. Best, sp.

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