Zorki 1 has been sold for $1,200

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by simon_leung|3, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. I decided to take my Zorki-1A for an outing yesterday, I headed for my local camera shop to buy some film.
    Actually,a brick of 40 rolls of film to be shared between my Zorki 1 and 4. As I was loading film on this
    bottom-loader,a conversation between a salesman,another customer and myself erupted. Both of them thought that I
    was loading a Leica
    II series. "No,it's a modified Zorki-1A with Leica Parts."

    I've told them that I took this Zorki to be used as an experiment to see whether or not Leica parts can be used.
    I've already bought a collapsible 50 mm Elmar in LTM,but it wouldn't go into infinity when I bought the body.

    I got the film loaded I was on my way. The other customer came up to me after I had left the store and started
    talking about my modification. One has to remember that the Zorki-1A did not have slow shutter speeds lower
    than 1/25. I've added a second shutter speed dial that would make my camera go down to 1 sec. and a self timer.
    The camera was extensively modified that the only Zorki parts that was left was the top cover with the diopter

    We've changed cameras for a while, I was shooting with his Canon-7.
    He noticed that the film advance knob was smooth and that the camera seemed more refined and quieter.

    "Is it for sale?" he asked. "No,because it is the only Zorki-1A with Leica IIIc parts. I've spent $750 altogether
    on the camera
    plus the modifications." I replied. "O.k. then how does $,1200 sound ?" At this point, I knew I could not get
    this kind of money with film cameras in today's market. I accepted the offer.

    The Zorki-1A has lasted me ten years, hopefully my unmodified Zorki 4 can do the same.
  2. Hi Simon,

    Interesting story! I recall recenty reading another post where you detailed these mods. I guess like the
    Mafia.. he made you an offer you couldn't refuse! Time for a new project? How 'bout a Kiev that can take
    LTM? Kiev 5 with modern meter and multiple frame lines?
    I suspect the Zorki 4 will outlast us both!!
  3. That is an interesting story. It's funny how difficult it is to predict what someone will pay for something. Years ago I bought
    a real wreck of a Leica II in a camera store for something like $25. I had the idea of having it repaired, though it would cost
    a mint I know. Well I ran the idea by my repair guy but he said it was just too far gone. Well I sold it on ebay with all that in
    the description and it sold anyway for over $200. As far as I know it was not any special collectors type, but someone (or
    two someones) got into a bidding war.

    I guess it's true that something is worth what you can get someone to pay for it. I guess your guy thought it was worth the
    novelty (or maybe the conversation piece).
  4. A special camera is bought by someone who values special things. The deal was good for both sides then. You got the $1200 and he got a unique camera.
  5. All the other Zorkis will turn red with envy!
  6. No, my Zorki 4 hasn't turned red with envy yet.
  7. Simon, your Zorki was already red! ;)
  8. My Zorkis and FEDs can't read. And I'm not telling them....
  9. I am definitely keeping my Zorki 4 for now because it was built for the domestic market.
  10. I don't know... I feel the same way about rare classic cameras as I do about Harley-Davidson's... I never feel good about selling one. I hope the $1,200 went to more classic cameras?

  11. Whao. Congrats!
    Your story just brought my much needed inspiration back... I still have 2 Kievs and a Franken-Miniature-Speed
    Graphics to work on (I'm not going to sell, anyway).

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