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  1. There's a new video out, Eadweard Muybridge, Zoopraxographer, that fans of Muybridge will probably be interested in.
    If you're not into Muybridge, maybe not. The voice-over -- which is constant throughout -- sounds like it was done by your neighbor Bob in his garage. But the visuals, to a Muybridge fan, are pretty interesting.
    I won't say any more about what I think about the content because if I do this will get moved to the Philosophy forum.
  2. Different strokes for different folks! I'd be hard put to it to describe EM in philosophical terms, for me he was a pioneering technical photographer in the field of motion analysis. There is some talk of his being a motion picture pioneer, of course he never shot or projected a single foot of motion picture film, and his subject matter has in the meantime been covered more informatively by slo-mo photography, particularly digital. Plenty of material for an entertaining movie in his personal life - I look forward to seeing the movie.

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