Zone system modified meter: just a sticker?

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  1. I recently inherited a Pentax digital spot meter, and it had been "modified" by Zone VI. Although I'm familiar with the zone system,
    I didn't feel I needed the sticker covering the EV scale and took it off. Were these meters or others (I also have a modified Luna Pro meter)
    actually modified in any other substantive way, or is it just a sticker? Is it even possible to adjust or otherwise modify the Pentax?
  2. There are in-depth discussions about this service in the Large Format Forum, tho' you might need to dig back a few years.

    Basically the service was claimed to ensure the meters were calibrated as accurately as possible. My own Spotmeter V (analog) requires occasional tweaking and altho' I have no way to calibrate it accurately, it's close enough for my purposes.
  3. Lex,
    Thanks for pointing that way. Now I see.
  4. I believe the mod involved installing baffles to decrease flare and some sort of a filter. According to Fred Picker, a most interesting fellow, it made the meter more accurate in difficult lighting situations and added to the cost of the meter. It had nothing to do with the sticker.

    Hope this helps.

  5. When my original digital spotmeter V lost its accuracy I sent it to Zone VI to be modified. It came back with the sticker and
    a small piece of glass scotch taped to the handle. It's been just fine ever since (lots of years). I still have the sticker - it
    reminds me which direction Zone VII is. Cheers.
  6. I remember reading about this years ago. As Eric stated they calibrated the meter and installed a filter that was supposed to make it react closer to who B&W film did. John

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