Zing camera case the best choice for the Mamiya 7II?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by randall cherry, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. Hello All,

    I see from previous threads that people have used a "Zing" camera
    case for their Mamiya 7/7II camera. It seems the "Pro SLR" size is
    the one preferred.

    I am wondering if there are other options for a neoprene camera case
    for the Mamiya 7/7II with a mounted 80mm or 50mm lens?


  2. I've used Zing products since their early '90s intro. There's really nothing else that comes close, though I've noticed that the quality of the neoprene has slipped on later versions of the Pro SLR. It's acceptable but not as thick as the material used on early models.The lens snoot also no longer has a padded disc at the end.
  3. Thanks, Gary.

    With no competition, I guess they can afford to slack-off a little. Maybe the quality down grade occured when Zing was acquired by Tiffen?

  4. I like Zing cases too. Op/Tech makes some similar cases and sometimes are easier to
    find at a lower price, but Zing works for me!
  5. My Mamiya 7 and it's two lenses lives in a small plastic / styrofoam cooler. When I'm out shooting I carry the camera (no strap) in hand with a pocket full of film. Sometimes I slip a compact hand held meter in my hip pocket. When I think I may need the other lens (50 or 80mm) in my travels, I stick it in a front pocket.

    As you can tell, I'm not a believer in bags or cases, just carry the camera and film. I've just had too many subjects freeze or been denied the right to photograph when I had that "pro look".
  6. Bob,

    Excellant point! Thanks for the alternative perspective.


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